We Create Automation Tests for Your Business-Critical flows.

Uppington is automated website testing and monitoring as a service. We create automation tests that check for problems with your website or application. We carry out operations in a browser, the same way a user would, to ensure that everything is working as intended.


Ok, your website is online but are your business critical flows working as intended?

We create automation tests to validate your website/webapp critical flows nightly and on demand.


Uptime Monitoring

We let you know when your website goes down, silently fails or have other problems.


Automated Tests

We regularly test your website, web app and we create automated tests for your business-critical flows such as login, register, successful login, and any of your custom flows.


Nightly Runs

We run the automation tests for your product nightly and deliver the summary(--video of test run on site) of tests to you via email daily.

Simple Set Up

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    Simply create an Account using your email/password or our Gmail integration.

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    Choose A Plan

    We have plans ranging from Uptime Monitoring, 3 Core flows(login, register, successful user sign in), and customizable business-critical flows.

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    Automation Tests turnout time is usually 1 business depending on amount of tests we need to create for your product. We then automatically run these tests nightly(You can also run these tests with a click of a button). After each test run summary is sent to you via email or slack(Coming Soon).

Pricing Plans


Free / mo

  • Up to 10 Products
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • E-mail notifications


$60/ mo

  • Login Flow Automated
  • Sign Up Flow Automated
  • After Sign In Redirect Flow Automated
  • E-mail notifications

Premium Plus

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  • Custom Business-Critical Automations
  • E-mail notifications


Start now and automate your business-critical flows and be notified anytime a flow is not working as intended.

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